Rent A Cycle Tasmania


‘Packing well is an art form and there’s a knack to it. Try to keep your clothing to a minimum – you can always wash an item if you need to. This is tried and tested advice from the hit and miss of a lifetime’s travels.’ 

Douglas Snare

Rent A Cycle Tasmania 

Rent A Cycle Tasmania is owned by Douglas Snare, an iconic figure in the landscape of outdoor adventure in Tasmania. Born and bred in north-west Tasmania, Douglas has spent a lifetime pursuing outdoor adventure in his native state, and inspiring the thousands of travellers who come here to explore our beautiful island.

With his wife Janice, Douglas established and ran the Launceston House Hostel in St John’s Street. Opened in 1969, the hostel had 26 beds and eventually occupied two houses in the street. It was from here that the couple first hired out bicycles – their own! The Launceston House Hostel closed its doors in 1983.

At that time the business moved to the landmark Coates Patons building in West Launceston, and the Launceston City Youth Hostel was established. Douglas and Janice Snare ran the hostel for 35 years, its spacious rooms, facilities and the service offered to countless travellers becoming the stuff of backpacker legend. The Launceston City Hostel finally closed in 2006.

Today Douglas continues to use his love of outdoor adventure and travel, and his knowledge of Tasmania’s outstanding landscapes and nature to help independent travellers achieve their dreams and, as Douglas likes to say – adventure at their own pace.

Rent A Cycle Tasmania, About Us

Launceston City Hostel, open from 1969 to 1983

Rent A Cycle Tasmania, About Us

Launceston City Youth Hostel ran from 1983 to 2006